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For those of you who are new to my site, let me introduce this site and myself. I was born in Canada, raised in the United States, and am a dual citizen. I am a University of Hartford Alumnus having earned an Associates of Arts in General Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and a minor in Management Information Systems, and have taken some coursework towards a Bachelor of Sciences in Health management at Northeastern University. I am interested in business, management, healthcare, and technology with a ton of "hobbies" as well. At this point, my site is dedicated mostly to displaying pictures and providing links. The pictures link in the navigation column on the left contains images of myself, friends, family, and trips to various places. The adventures link contains stories and pictures of my experiences peak bagging, highpointing, skiing, and doing other fun stuff. Below that you will find links to various community and blog pages I have and my current employer.

As the page title says, this is also the homepage of THost Web Design. Though I am no longer actively seeking clients, I will occasionally offer my services to those in need and welcome any chance to help out friends and family with their own projects. Not only have I hosted and designed web pages, I have also done home PC and network setup and repair, retail computer and telephone network installation and maintenance, healthcare based hardware, software, and network setup and maintenance (primarily through Amkai llc.), equipment relocation (primarily through BKM for Bayer Pharmaceuticals), and a variety of telecommunications and point of sale systems work for Indyme Electronics, Fred Myer's Network Control, and other companies.

After my studies at the University of Hartford, I was employed by The BTM Corporation (Formerly known as Enamics) where I started as an intern performing tasks such as competitive market analysis and quality assurance testing (QA testing). I was then hired permenantly performing product design support where I assisted with managing the software developement lifecycle (SDLC) and performed various technical writing and documentation duties. As I matured with the company, moving to the position of Software Commercialization Support and eventually Commercialization Specialist, I began to take on increasingly larger tasks such as editing all outward publications including web site content, press releases, and portions of 2 books published by the company, and even helped with all communication, both written and verbal, during contract negotiations with a division of French Social Security. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the economy and fear of investing in technology, growth was extremely stagnant for the BTM Corporation during my time there. Though the basis of the company is brilliant to say the least, the market was not ready to make this leap just yet.

Seeing that there was a need to move on, I began to look for other opportunities. For a while I went back to work for Pep Boys, a company I had worked at for over 3 years during college, this time as an assistant manager, overseeing the retail portion of the store. Winter came, and I then decided to take a working vacation. By this, I mean I went to work for Smuggler's Notch Ski Resort as a ski host which might not pay very well, but was the most stress free and enjoyable position I have ever held. Once the ski season ended, I made the decision to go back to the world of working professionals.

I decided to persue a less technical career path and obtained a position at AmkaiSolutions as a software trainer. Though this gave me an excellent opportunity to further hone my client interaction skills, my technical know-how somehow managed to find a use for itself, and I soon became involved in a variety of projects from programming to hardware and network debugging. AmkaiSolutions, however, was moving forward, and from Waterbury, Connecticut to Armonk, New York for that matter, while at the same time, Laura Poulin (Laura Mustavich then, wife now) was planning to move from Connecticut, back to her home in Southern California. With all these changes taking place, I decided to pack up and head down to California myself.

We moved first to Riverside and then to Los Angeles where Laura ended up teaching at UCLA for a couple years and I continued to do work for ASC's on a contract basis. Then, in 2013, Laura and I got married, moved further North in Cailfornia to Walnut Creek so that I could work for HST, and after taking some much deserved vacation time, Laura began her transition to a career in Architecture! A lot has changed over the past few years and I'm sure it's just the beginning so keep an eye out for more updates from us here and on our social networking pages.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon!


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